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The best teams in Madden 22: These teams will lead you to victory

The NFL and Madden, especially over the past few years, have been a rollercoaster ride of the best teams and top players. The official stats and roster numbers are in for Madden 22, and players are eager to know the best teams in Madden 22. While overall (OVR) is a clear indicator of which teams are best, you’ll also have to take superstars, X-Factors, and real-time roster updates into account. Here are the top 10 best teams in Madden 22 and why.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 92 OVR

Tom Brady's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Bucs went from worst to first with the addition of a man named Tom Brady. The Patriots were always one of the top teams in Madden. Subsequently, the Bucs were always at the bottom of the barrel. Rating at a staggering 92 OVR, the Bucs are statistically the best team in the game.

When it comes to top players, Tom Brady is the best on the team. His Pro Reads X-Factor ability highlights the first open receiver and also ignores incoming pressure. All he has to do to trigger his X-Factor is make consecutive 5+ yard passes. Entering the zone should be easy for the dink-and-dunk master, especially with WRs like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Scotty Miller.

On paper, the Bucs are as close to a fantasy football team as you can get. The fact that players like Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette, and Jason Pierre-Paul aren’t listed among its superstars proves the Bucs are the best team in Madden 22. The only thing holding them back is Brady’s pathetic excuse for mobility.

The Kansas City Chiefs: 89 OVR

Patrick Mahomes' X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Player for player, the Kansas City Chiefs fall just short of the Bucs. However, the mini-GOAT and 99-Club member, Patrick Mahomes, can use his mobility to beat Brady. There’s a reason the Chiefs and Bucs are expected to be back in Super Bowl 56. While Mahomes is on another planet, the Chiefs also come with the fastest player in the game, Tyreek Hill, aka “The Cheetah.”

Mahomes, though, is the Chief’s best player. The man already has a cannon for an arm, but his Bazooka X-Factor ability will stretch the field even further. With Hill sprinting toward the end zone, you’re better off quitting when Mahomes gets in the zone. However, you’ll have to play the deep game with Mahomes, as his Bazooka ability triggers after completing 30+ yard passes. Arguably, Brady’s X-Factor makes for more consistent productivity, while Mahomes goes for it all in one play. It’s funny how their X-Factors mirror their real-life play.

Besides the magician and the cheetah, the Chiefs also feature the best TE in football, Travis Kelsey. Another member of the 99-Club, Kelsey wins aggressive catches when in the zone, and his TE Apprentice ability unlocks four additional hot routes when lined up as a TE. Everyone seems to have a nickname on the Chiefs, proven by the presence of superstar Tyrian Mathew, aka “The Honey Badger.”

The Baltimore Ravens: 88 OVR

Lamar Jackson's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lamar Jackson might be the new Michal Vick. His speed matched with his throwing ability is borderline unfair. A few more years in the league, and he may surpass the greatest dual-threat QB of all time. While Mahomes overshadows Jackson in terms of accomplishments, there’s no denying what Lamar has brought to the Ravens, even after a successful Joe Flaco era. The Ravens are lacking when it comes to superstar presence, as Lamar is the only X-Factor player on the team.

It’s funny that Lamar’s image depicts him throwing the ball when it should show him running with it. His X-Factor ability, Truzz, makes him impervious to fumbles when tackled. That means that when Lamar is in the zone, you can run full speed into a beefy linebacker without having to slide, earning you extra yards on QB runs. Since Lamar only has to rush for 1 yard to enter the zone, it’s safe to say he’ll never fumble.

If you’re a Ravens fan playing with live roster updates, you’re probably heartbroken over the loss of J.K Dobbins. While Gus Edwards is a solid backup, the brunt of the running game now lands in Lamar’s lap. While you’ll have to rely on a few passing plays to win games, you should still play to his strengths and master the RPO. Besides, the Ravens have always had an elite defense. With players like Ronnie Stanly, Marlon Murphy, and Calais Cambell, your defense is sure to leave you with some solid field position after stopping the opposing team.

Tennessee Titans: 85 OVR

Derrick Henry's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Derrick Henry is another player in the “unfair” category. Watching him run up and down the field during the 2020 season was like watching a freight train plow through panes of glass. It’s fitting that his X-Factor, aptly named Freight Train, gives him an increased chance of breaking the next tackle attempt. Let’s not forget about Ryan Tannahill either, who’s arguably the most impressive “comeback” player over the past few seasons. Mike Vrabel is doing something right down there in Nashville.

Still, Henry is the Titan’s best player for reasons beyond his X-Factor ability. All of his passive abilities increase his chances of breaking tackles, so unless he’s going up against Aaron Darnold on every play, there’s a pretty good chance that Henry is gaining extra yards after contact. Henry can easily net the 10+ yards needed to enter the zone with more powerful stiff arms and the ability to break hit-stick tackles.

Remember that Falcons WR that was (and still is) considered among the top five WRs in the game? Julio Jones lines up opposite A.J Brown for a WR duo as dangerous as Metcalf and Lockett. His Double Me X-Factor will have him winning aggressive catches versus single coverage, making him one of the best deep-threats in the game.

Buffalo Bills: 87 OVR

Stefon Diggs' X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While Bill Belichick still mourns his first losing season since the invention of canned food, the Buffalo Bills has become the most dominant force in the AFC East and fall second only to Mahomes and Kansas City. Josh Allen, also known as NFL Chris Pratt, is rising in the “best quarterback” conversation. Once players like Aarons Rodgers and Brady retire, it’ll be Allen and Mahomes’ league to dominate. However, that still doesn’t make him the best player on the Buffalo Bills.

That privilege goes to Stefon Diggs, who arguably revitalized his career in Buffalo after a solid outing in Minnesota. Rac’ Em Up, his X-Factor ability, has him winning RAC (Run after Catch) catches against single coverage. He will have to catch a 20-yard pass to enter the zone, but that shouldn’t be too hard with Josh Allen at the helm. Other than Diggs, Tre’Davious White is the only other Bills player with an X-Factor. His Shutdown ability, triggered after forcing incompletions, grants him tighter coverage and increases his interception chances on contested catches.

With a deep threat on the sidelines, top talent at QB, and an elite corner on the other side of the ball, the Bills still aren’t done. Cole Beasley, who many compare to Slot-Receiver legends like Wess Welker and Julian Edleman, give Allen a quick-route option to throw to when Diggs is covered down-field. His Slot Apprentice ability gives him four additional hot routes to run when lined up in the slot receiver position.

Cleveland Browns: 87 OVR

Myles Garrett's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In 2019, the Browns were the fantasy football team before the Bucs signed literally everybody a year later. Baker Mayfield might be the most likable QB on and off the field, and he proves it in each situation. Leading the Browns to their first playoff appearance in almost 20 years, Baker proved he has what it takes to be an elite QB. His mobility gives him Mahomes-like running abilities coupled with accurate passes. When throwing isn’t an option, he still has Nick Chubb in the backfield to pound the ball through the line. Chubb’s Wrecking Ball X-Factor gives him a higher success rate on trucks and stiff arms, making him almost as hard to take down as Derrick Henry.

Offensive superstars aside, the best player on the Cleveland Browns is Right Defensive End Myles Garrett. His Unstoppable Force X-Factor ability leads to quicker block shedding as he wins pass rush fights against the offensive line. He’ll enter the zone after his first sack, and he only gets better as he rushes the QB. However, Garrett can easily fall out of the zone if your opponent gets by him.

While the Browns post a lethal defense, let’s not forget about the offensive weapons that made them a mini-fantasy team. Odel Beckham Jr. is still top-talent at the WR position. A heartbreaking injury in 2020 sidelined him, but he returns in 2021 to prove he’s still in the conversation. He’ll chew up RAC yards with his Grab-N-Go passive allotting him quicker changes in direction after making a RAC catch.

New Orleans Saints: 86 OVR

Alvin Kamara's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The NFL world shed a collective tear when Drew Brees took his last look back at the New Orleans Superdome after losing to Brady and the Bucs in the NFC Divisional Round. However, Brees’ departure doesn’t change the fact that New Orleans is still a dominant football team, even with Jameis Winston at the helm. Remember that time Alvin Kamara put up six TDs on Christmas? There’s a reason he’s keeping the Saints relevant in 2021.

Madden 22 lists Michael Thomas as the Saints’ top Superstar. However, we’re awarding that top spot to Mr. Christmas. Alvin Kamara’s X-Factor, Satellite, proves how versatile he is in the passing game, coupled with his superhuman ability to run the ball. Second only to Christian McCaffrey when it comes to Pass Catching RBs, Kamara will win RAC catches versus single coverage and enters the zone after making 10-yard receptions. However, Kamara is a little greedy and falls out of the zone if he’s not targeted on multiple passes in a row.

Still, Michael Thomas is one of the most dangerous WRs in the NFL. However, he’ll have to fight with Kamara to trigger his X-Factor. Thomas enters the zone after catching consecutive targets. His X-Factor, Max Security, gives him a high success rate on possession catches in general. Otherwise, the Saints have four other superstars on the defensive side of the ball, making them one of the most elite defenses in Madden 22.

Seattle Seahawks: 82 OVR

Russel Wilson's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Seattle Seahawks are the team that’s always good. They’ve got a stud QB in Russel Wilson, the most dangerous WR combo in the game with Tyler Lockett and D.K Metcalf, and Chris Carson poses a consistent threat in the backfield. While the Legion of Boom broke up a few years ago, Seattle’s linebacking core remains elite with Bobby Wagner at the helm.

Seattle still has Russell Wilson to thank for everything they’ve accomplished since he entered the league. The most stoic player in the NFL has impressive mobility, accuracy, and awareness, showcased by his X-Factor, Blitz Radar. After scrambling for 10+ yards, Wilson enters the zone. While in the zone, extra blitzers are highlighted, alerting you to incoming pressure. Let’s not forget his Gunslinger ability, granting him faster-throwing animations and velocity on bullet passes. Coupled with his X-Factor, don’t expect to sack Russel Wilson any time soon.

On the other side of the ball, Bobby Wagner is a fumble-forcing machine. His X-Factor, Avalanche, forces fumbles on downhill hit stick tackles. Downhill means head-on and is the hardest you can hit someone in football without drawing a flag. SS Jamal Adams shares the same X-Factor, making the Seahawks the hardest-hitting defense in the game.

Los Angeles Rams: 85 OVR

Aaron Donald's X-Factors in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It was shocking when head coach Sean McVay traded Jared Goff for Mathew Stafford, but in comparing the two, it looks like he made the right choice. Stafford has always had a gun for an arm, making him a deep-pass threat when given the right weapons. Those weapons come in Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and the leopard to Tyrek Hill’s cheetah, DeSean Jackson.

A proud member of the 99-Club, Aaron Donald is the Ram’s most dangerous player. Donald is a sack machine, proven by his X-Factor and passive abilities. He’ll enter the zone after his first sack, triggering his Blitz X-Factor, which completely wipes on-field blockers’ resistance bars. Now that they’re easier to get around, Donald can find clean routes to the QB on every play.

Backing him up downfield is another 99-Club member, Jalen Ramsey, the game’s highest-rated CB. Jalen’s Bottleneck X-Factor makes his press coverage more lethal than it already was, knocking receivers off their routes and forcing QBs into errant throws. With an elite defense to aid him on his new journey, Mathew Stafford might be in for a good time out in LA.

Green Bay Packers: 85 OVR

Davante Adam's X-Factor's in Madden 22.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Packers also feature a member of the 99-Club in Davante Adams. With Aaron Rodgers back under center, Green Bay hopes to topple Brady and the Bucs for dominance in the NFC. However, people often overlook the other Aaron on the team. RB Aaron Jones is a first-round fantasy pick and a lethal running back in Madden 22. While the Packers have always been an offense-first team, this year’s defense is a force to be reckoned with.

The Packers are nothing without the Rodgers/Adams combo. Aaron Rodgers’ Gambler X-Factor grants him faster passes that can’t be picked off by A.I. defenders. Meanwhile, Davante Adams wins aggressive catches versus single coverage with his Double Me X-Factor. As long as one of them is in the zone, you don’t have to worry about making risky passes when playing as the Packers.

Perhaps the only downside to Green Bay is the one-trick-pony with Rodgers and Adams. Take advantage of Aaron Jones’ workhouse RB skills, and mix in running plays to keep the defense honest. Jones’ Recuperation passive ability lets him recover from fatigue at a fast rate. You can lean on him several plays in a row, give him a break, and then stick him right back in to keep pounding the rock.

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