Madden NFL 15’s Tiny Titan speaks! And he’s adorable!

madden nfl 15s tiny titan speaks hes adorable 15
NFL rookies enjoy a peculiar flavor of popularity. Even for marquee names like Johnny “Football” Manziel, appreciation from the masses is fleeting. Until you prove yourself on the field, you’re nothing more than an intriguing draft pick.

Enter Christian Kirksey, Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker who was drafted in the third round of the 2014 draft. Coming out of the draft, he didn’t have anything even approaching the star power of Johnny Football, or Jadaveon Clowney, a fellow linebacker and the first overall pick. No, Kirksey’s had a much more unusual path to stardom. He is Madden NFL 15‘s Tiny Titan.

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The incident that started life as a glitch, shrinking the in-game version of Kirksey down to a foot-high micro-player, has officially taken on a life of its own. We’ve already seen a “Tiny Titan” weekend challenge crop up in Madden NFL 15‘s Ultimate Team mode, and now EA Sports has a little mockumentary short (double pun!) the takes a look at mini-Kirksey’s life.

All this attention paid to a real-life player because the 1s and 0s in EA Tiburon’s code didn’t sync up quite the way they were supposed to. It’s pretty wild when you think about it.

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