Celebrate 2014’s Sunday football kickoff with Madden NFL 15’s GIFerator

celebrate 2014s sunday football kickoff madden nfl 15s giferator
The 2014/2015 NFL season might have technically started on Thursday, September 4, but everyone knows that the real first holiday of the season happens on Sunday. We’ve got 13 games coming up before the clock strikes midnight, and EA Sports wants video game-loving fans to celebrate with the new Madden GIFerator for Madden NFL 15.

It’s pretty simple. Madden GIFerator is a website that hosts a running stream of professional football-oriented animated GIFs constructed using Madden NFL 15 content. The site will update in real time throughout the football season as big plays are made in the real-life NFL. Created GIFs will also be used to seed Madden-related ads, though that’s not the fun part.

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Fans can also use the GIFerator website to create their own animated GIFs. It would be really cool to see an eventual in-game update for Madden NFL 15 that lets you pull and convert gameplay clips, but for now GIF creators are limited to the stock selection on the Madden GIFerator website. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though. See here….

What? I’m a Giants fan. Let me hang on to this brief moment before the season really begins, when it’s still possible to believe that the Boys in Blue are a better bet than Gang Green.

There’s lots of fun to be had with the GIFerator if you’re a football fan. Sure, it’s technically just a way for EA Sports to more explicitly turn the notion of user-generated content into free, consumer-motivated advertising. Does it really matter though when you can create silliness like what you see in the above GIF?

Just look at this wonderful subreddit, created by ace freelancer and Digital Trends contributor Devin Connors. Lots of fun to be had here.

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