This Madden NFL 15 ad reinvents the meaning of ‘weird’

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Whatever you think you’re going to see when you hit play on the video above, you’re wrong. There’s no way you can expect the epic levels of weirdness that EA Sports assembled for this… trailer? Music video? Parody? It’s not exactly clear. What is clear is that Madden Season is officially here. Comedian Kevin Hart and actor Dave Franco drive that point home eloquently, with the help of some pals from the NFL. And dolphins. No, not the sports team. Living dolphins in a pool.

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Madden NFL 15 comes to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on August 26, just over a week shy of the actual NFL season’s first kickoff. Football is finally back, friends. And this… thing, whatever it is, amounts to a celebration of the annual return of America’s favorite pasttime (suck it, baseball).

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