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How to make a bed and assign it to villagers in Lego Fortnite

While you’re running around gathering resources, fighting enemies, and building your village in Lego Fortnite, you will eventually want to give your little Lego character a rest. What better way to freshen up than with a quick nap in a comfy bed? The only issue is that you have to remember to make your bed — literally! It might not be as easy as straightening your sheets, but here’s a simple way to craft a bed in Lego Fortnite.

How to make a bed

A lego person building a bed.
Epic Games

Making a bed can be done almost from the start of your adventures in Lego Fortnite. Once you are in your world, open the Build menu and go over to the Furniture tab. The option on the far left will be for beds, and you can take your pick of designs. Each of the basic beds will require 10 wood to craft. While you can technically place them anywhere, you should put them inside your main base.

Unlike other survival games, namely Minecraft, sleeping in a bed does not skip the night. Instead, beds will fully heal you and set that location as your new spawn point.

How to assign beds to friends

A lego person looking at a bed.
Epic Games

You can even build a bed for your friend, or potential villagers, if you’re feeling generous. Once you make a bed that you want to give to a friend, interact with the bed. This will open up the Bed Assignment menu, where you will see a list of all NPC villagers and players currently in your world. Pick who you want to give the bed to and confirm it to assign it to that person/NPC. You will need to do this in order to get characters to live in your town.

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