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How to get Marble in Lego Fortnite

There are tons of resources scattered around the randomly generated world of Lego Fortnite. Much like Minecraft, you will rely on these raw materials, such as Planks and Knotroot, to craft and upgrade your equipment and structures, but Marble isn’t as easy to find as the others. Unlike wood that obviously comes from a tree, most people have no idea what Marble even looks like in its raw form, let alone where to go looking for it. Here’s how to get your hands on this white stone and what you need to collect it.

Where to find Marble

A lego guy about to mine some marble.
Epic Games

Marble is a type of stone, but not one you will find on the overworld. Deposits of this specific mineral are only found underground, so you must find a cave. However, before you get your spelunking hat on, you need one of two tools before you can mine Marble; an Uncommon Pickaxe or dynamite. Uncommon Pickaxes can be crafted from a rare workbench with 3x Knotroot rods and 3 Bones, while dynamite can either be found in chests or crafted with 3x Knotroot rods and 1x Blast Powder.

With either of these in hand, head into a cave and look for the big slabs of white rocks, as shown in the image above. This is a Marble deposit, so get to mining or blasting to break it into collectible chunks.

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