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Marvel’s Avengers heads to Xbox Game Pass — except for exclusive Sony content

Xbox Game Pass is constantly growing its library of new games, and in just a couple of days, it’s landing another whopper. Starting on September 30, Game Pass subscribers can download Marvel’s Avengers to their devices. However, considering the platform-exclusive plans the game has for some of its future content (read: Spider-Man), this entire deal seems a little awkward.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on Game Pass for PC, console, and Cloud on September 30 and will feature every bit of the game’s content to date. Game Pass subscribers can access all of Marvel’s Avengers story campaigns, post-launch heroes, and bonus content as soon as it’s available. Naturally, that also includes the game’s recently launched War for Wakanda DLC, which gives players access to Black Panther and the character’s own story.

Hulk smashing in Marvel's Avengers.

To sweeten the pot a bit, developer Crystal Dynamics has also announced that a quad XP event will be taking place from September 30 to October 4, giving new players a solid chance to level up their favorite heroes.

While the addition of Marvel’s Avengers to the Xbox Game Pass library is pretty sweet for the service’s subscribers, it raises some issues when you consider that one of the game’s most highly-anticipated pieces of content isn’t out yet and won’t even be available on Xbox consoles. Spider-Man is finally swinging into the game later this year in a new hero event, but only for PlayStation users. Anyone playing the game via Xbox Game Pass won’t have that opportunity, and having the game go live on that service before PlayStation users get their exclusive content is just a bit strange.

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