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Marvel’s Avengers will finally add Spider-Man and its first raid

Crystal Dynamics recently released a 2021 road map for Marvel’s Avengers. It showcases all of the new content that players can expect for the rest of the year. Most notable in the road map is that Spider-Man is finally coming as a playable character, plus players will see the game’s first raid and new reworks to the gear and resources.

It has been a full year since Marvel’s Avengers was released, and it has seen a plethora of updates and changes to help it rebound from its less than ideal launch. With this new road map, players will finally get content that was supposed to be in the game since the start. Before the game was released, Square Enix announced that Spider-Man would be a playable character for PlayStation players. However, it has been a full year and Spider-Man has not swung into the game as of yet. The webslinger will finally join the roster with a new Hero Event, but no other details have been announced.

Roadmap for Marvel's Avengers

Besides the new hero, Marvel’s Avengers will have its first raid, called Discordant Sound, where players will face off against Klaw and conclude his story that started in the War for Wakanda update. The raid will see players team up in a four-person party and go up against what Crystal Dynamics calls the most challenging content yet. The raid will be available in both Standard mode and Elite mode, which require power levels of 150 to 160 and 160 to 170 respectively.

Crystal Dynamics is also looking to rework some of the systems in the game to make it more streamlined. Fragments, a resource in the game used for upgrading, will be used as general currency, where Polychron and Upgrade Modules will be reserved for more specific upgrades like artifacts and gear upgrades.

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