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Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda expansion launches in August

After being shown multiple times without a release date, Square Enix quietly announced a release date for Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda expansion. The DLC, which adds Black Panther to the game’s burgeoning roster of superheroes, is set to launch on August 17.

Having been shown a few times already, we know a decent bit about War for Wakanda before it officially releases. Besides adding Black Panther as a playable character, the expansion will add new modes, events, and costumes. According to a press release announcing the expansion’s release date, War for Wakanda will add upwards of 25 hours of single-player content.

A Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream will take place on August 16, which will reveal more of what players can expect in the expansion.

The War for Wakanda expansion primarily revolves around Wakanda’s Black Panther as he fends off his arch-villain Klaw, who threatens to destroy the nation. A second, unnamed villain will also be present in the DLC, along with a new explorable environment, enemies, and additional drop zone and threat sector missions. War for Wakanda will be a free expansion for all Marvel’s Avengers players.

If you don’t have Marvel’s Avengers or are curious about trying the game out, now’s the time. An all-access weekend for the game is starting today and runs through August 1. To try the game out, players just have to find it on their platform’s digital storefront and download it. Marvel’s Avengers can also be purchased for 40% off this weekend, and those that buy it will be able to carry their progress over from the all-access weekend to the full version of the game.

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