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Mass Effect Andromeda goes Intergalactic in Reveal Trailer

Mass Effect will return Holiday 2016 with Mass Effect Andromeda. EA began its press conference with an in-engine teaser trailer for the next game in the critically-acclaimed science fiction RPG series. Ostensibly, as the title suggests, this new installment of the Mass Effect franchise will take place in Andromeda, the Milky Way’s closest neighboring galaxy.

The trailer begins with a helmeted character in iconic N7 armor arriving at a mysterious desert planet. The following moments show shots of combat, alien locales, and a Mako-like vehicle bombing the dunes of the planet’s surface, closing out with a title card and Holiday 2016 release window.

The previous Mass Effect trilogy took place in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and followed the messiah-like figure, Commander Shepard, on a mission to save the galaxy from an apocalyptic alien menace. The series ended with the galaxy in a very different state than when it began, so exactly when Mass Effect Andromeda takes place in the timeline of the series remains to be seen. However, setting it in a different galaxy circumvents the need to address the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3.

The trailer raises other questions as well, such as who is this masked character, and how did they get all the way to Andromeda in the first place? The world of Mass Effect has only dealt with intra-galactic travel, but never intergalactic. With all these questions, fans are eager to learn more about the newly revealed sequel. Hopefully new details will emerge soon, until then be sure to check out the trailer footage above, and stay tuned to Digital Trends for continuing E3 coverage.

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