Meet Evolve’s fourth monster and learn about upcoming DLC

meet behemoth evolves not gentle giant learn dlc evolve

Turtle Rock Studios has shared details about Behemoth, the fourth playable monster in Evolve, as well as information about the upcoming game’s downloadable content plans.

If Wraith was all about skill and speed, Behemoth is at the other end of the spectrum, relying on its raw size and strength to pummel hunters into submission. What it lacks in speed and jumping ability, it makes up for with massive, damage-soaking health and armor, and the ability to reshape the arena to trap and punish hunters. Behemoth is literally the largest possible monster in Evolve, designed at the very limit of what the game’s maps could reasonably accommodate. Behemoth is free for anyone that pre-orders Evolve, and otherwise available for $15 in the Monster Expansion Pack this coming spring.

Four new hunters will become available following launch with the Hunting Season Pass. The pass also includes alternate, “Magma” skins for Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith, which will be available at launch. The Season Pass costs $25, saving you about $5 over purchasing all of that content individually. Save an additional $5 by pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition for $80 (versus $60 for the regular digital pre-order), which includes the game, Monster Expansion Pack, and Hunting Season Pass. Finally, the most dedicated fans can order the PC Monster Race Edition, which includes all of the above plus the unannounced fifth monster and fifth and sixth hunters, whenever they become available.

Evolve launches on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on February 10, 2015. Xbox One gamers get an early chance to join the hunt with an open beta starting on January 15. Hunters and monsters unlocked during the beta roll over into the full game on release.