Meet Roland and Celian, the stars of the upcoming game, The First Templar

meet roland and celian the stars of upcoming game first templar  tmeplarPerhaps it is irony, perhaps it is a hint at the plot that will be unveiled by playing, but a pair of videos highlighting two of the playable characters for the game titled The First Templar (emphasis on the singular there), have been released.

Utilizing historical fiction and blending it with hack and slash third-person action, The First Templar features both single player and co-op modes. Set during the late 13th century during the Crusades, two heroes are on a journey to seek the Holy Grail.

When playing solo, you take control of the Templar knight, Celian, who is assisted by the noble lady Marie, as they face corruption and powerful enemies everywhere. Along with the characters of Celian and Roland, a third playable character will be available, when The First Templar is released on PC and Xbox 360 on May 10.

[Warning: The following trailers may not be suitable for all ages]