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Indie MegaBooth is making a MegaShow — and it wants you to attend

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The MegaBooth formula for drawing attention to indie creators is now expanding to its very own convention, called the MegaShow. Slated to take place on July 15 in Atlanta, Georgia, the show will expand the MegaBooth focus beyond indie game developers to look at art and music, too, all while zooming in on local, homegrown talent.

For the past five years, the Indie MegaBooth has been drawing eyeballs and gamers’ twitchy fingers and thumbs to look at and play some of the most exciting indie games out there at various trade shows. Now the developers want to turn all of that into its own show and bring in independent creators from the world of music and art, all under one roof. It’s set to take place this July.

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The MegaShow will be a road show, but for it to be a roving success story, the first one will need to go off without a hitch. The organizers have hit the ground running, having secured sponsorship from Sony PlayStation and Adult Swim Games, and they are now looking for game developers, artists, and musicians to sign up and showcase their talent at what is being billed as the country’s premier indie showcase event.

There will be a focus on Georgia creators for this event, with the emphasis put on local developers and artists, but should the show prove successful, the founders will be taking it on the road to highlight talent across the U.S. at various MegaShows. In acknowledgement of the lower budgets of indie creators, the event organizers have stressed there is no set up or application fee to become part of the MegaShow, but all responsibilities for booths, set up, manning, and tear-down will be down to the exhibitors themselves.

For those simply looking to attend to see what Georgia has been cooking up, the organizers state that when tickets go on sale on June 13, they will reveal much more about what the show has to offer. Right now though, they can confirm that Adult Swim Games developments will be available to sample and there is expected to be a big showing from local hip-hop acts, which along with peaches are a specialty in Georgia.

For more information or to sign up to a mailing list to stay up to date with the show’s progress, check out the official MegaShow website.

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