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‘Megaton Rainfall’ is the first-person superhero game we didn’t know we needed

Megaton Rainfall - Gameplay trailer
PlayStation VR has already shown its potential with first-person shooters like Farpoint, but what if we could use the virtual reality technology to become like a god? Pentadimensional Games hopes to find out with Megaton Rainfall, a super-serious-sounding first-person superhero game where the fate of the world rests, quite literally, in your hands.

Coming in September to both PlayStation VR and standard PlayStation 4, as well as Steam at a later date, Megaton Rainfall tasks you from protecting the Earth from an alien invasion using any means necessary.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer, this mainly consists of firing down bolts of energy at the aliens below or bolting down to smack into them directly. If you’re not quick, the aliens will literally pick entire buildings up from the ground, peeling off the walls from the frame as they float into the air.

But if you don’t exercise some restraint, the buildings can also be easily destroyed. A missed shot can send skyscrapers tumbling to the ground, and you can punch a hole in their sides just by dashing through them.

Some sections of the game appear to also take you into the far reaches of the galaxy to explore asteroid fields and what appears to be a space station, before you eventually descend back to the Earth below. The visual effect for this movement is similar to what we’ve seen in No Man’s Sky, though the world is rendered in much more detail. Purple outlines of your hands are also visible at all times so that you can easily perform attacks in VR mode.

Games have certainly tried to use motion and a first-person perspective to replicate the feeling of a “god” in the past, but not always to great effect. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect was a notoriously bad example of this on the Xbox 360, and both Harry Potter and Star Wars fared similarly. Perhaps with VR technology, we’ll finally be able to get over the technological hurdles so we can feel like we’re destroying buildings with just our hands.

Megaton Rainfall is out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on September 26.

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