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All Melody Bay song solutions in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG features a lot of fun and quirky minigames, and you’ll encounter one of the most unique relatively early in your adventure. If you’ve come across Toadofsky in Melody Bay and want to know how to compose some music for him, we’ve got everything you need to know below.

All Melody Bay songs and how to play them

You’ll need to play a total of four songs for Toadofsky throughout your journey, returning to Melody Bay at certain points after coming across song clues. Each song is eight notes long, and you’ll have to wait for the tadpole to get into the correct position before jumping on its back to assign it the appropriate note. When you complete a song, speak to Toadofsky for a reward.

Here are notes from top to bottom:

  • Mi
  • Re
  • Do
  • Ti
  • La
  • So
  • Fa

Frogfucius 18

Mario stands near a pond in Super Mario RPG.

To unlock the ability to play this song, you’ll need to go to Tadpole Pond and speak to Frogfucius. Afterward, read the sign on his island to learn the tune, then head over to Melody Bay to compose it.

Notes: So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re

Reward: Alto Card

Moleville Blues

Tadpoles sit in a pong in Super Mario RPG.

To unlock the ability to play this song, you’ll need to rescue Dyna and Mite in Moleville. When that part of the story is complete, return to Moleville and return to the location you bombed, then speak to one of the miners here to have them sing the song for you. You can now go back to Melody Bay to compose it.

Notes: Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do

Reward: Tenor Card

Monstro Town Star Song

Tadpoles sit in a pong in Super Mario RPG.

To unlock the ability to play this song, head over to Monstermama’s House in Monstro Town. Interact with the star on the second floor to have it play the song for you, then make your way back to Melody Bay to compose it.

Notes: La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi

Reward: Soprano Card

Original Composition

After completing the first three songs, you’ll be free to create your own composition for fun. Play anything you’d like, then you’ll hear it combined with the previous melodies.

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