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How to wake all the Firsts in Minecraft Legends

Firsts are a new special mob type introduced in Minecraft Legends that are considered the best units you can get in the entire game. Being so strong, they're not as easy as any of the game's other units to recruit into your army. These are special Golems that are hidden around the world, but unlike finding a mount, you can't simply press a button to add them to your fold. These sleeping giants need to be woken up first, and each one has a different requirement to do so. Here's the full breakdown of where to find each of the Firsts and how you can wake them up to fight for you in Minecraft Legends.




20 minutes

There are four different Firsts to find across the map, so we will go through them all one at a time. There's no order you need to get them in, and each one has its own strengths, so feel free to seek out the one you want most first.

A minecraft man in a meadow with three golems.

How to find and wake the First of Stone

The First of Stone is the most tanky Golem, able to absorb tons of damage. They also use their strength to toss massive rocks at enemies.

Step 1: Finding the First of Stone is a bit random, as is the case with most things in this game, but they will always show up in the Meadow biome. You'll know you're close to one when the yellow question mark icon appears on your map.

Step 2: Upon finding your first First, you will be given the Improvement: Wake the Firsts.

Step 3: Craft the improvement using 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone back at the Well of Fate.

Step 4: Once you've built that, head back to the First of Stone and you will be able to revive it ... for a cost.

Step 5: The First of Stone requires 100 Gold and 500 Stone to be revived.

How to find and wake the First of Diorite

The Diorite First is a very interesting Golem to add to your team. This one's ability is to spawn mobs to fight for you and bolster your numbers.

Step 1: The First of Diorite is native to the Jagged Peak biome.

Step 2: So long as you have the Wake the Firsts Improvement already, waking this Golem will cost 100 Gold and 125 Coal.

How to find and wake the First of Brick

The First of Brick is a defensive type unit. It will create shields that block damage to all allies within it and defends itself with basic stomping attacks.

Step 1: The First of Brick can be found slumbering in the Dy Savanna biome.

Step 2: The cost to wake this defensive unit up is 100 Gold and 125 Iron.

A minecraft man on a tiger in a forest.

How to find and wake the First of Oak

The final First is a wooden Golem. The First of Oak is the best ranged unit in the game. It fires a powerful cannon attack that puts your Skeleton archers to shame.

Step 1: If you were looking for the First of Oak in the Jungle, you'd be wrong. This First is napping in the Badlands.

Step 2: Throw down 100 Gold and 500 Wood to add this fantastic ranged fighter to your team.

If any of your Firsts fall in battle, you can revive them as many times as you want for free. Simply go back to the nearest village or Wellhouse to retrieve them.

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