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‘MLB The Show 17’ servers mostly back online following launch day troubles

After a torrential downpour of connectivity issues on MLB The Show 17‘s launch day, the grounds crew has rolled up the tarp, allowing players to take the online field. Reports of online connectivity issue dropped considerably on Reddit, Twitter, and Down Detector on Wednesday, a day after the game launched. While intermittent problems appear to persist, it seems that the majority of players — including us — have full access to the game’s features at this time.

If you were gearing up for some online baseball when MLB The Show 17 launched on Tuesday, you may have found yourself standing in the video game equivalent of the on-deck circle. MLB The Show 17‘s servers experienced significant issues out of the gate. In a series of tweets starting just prior to the game’s early Tuesday launch, Sony addressed the network problems.

Putting the final touches on servers to let you play online & redeem preorder bonuses. More updates to follow soon.

— MLB The Show (@MLBTheShow) March 28, 2017

Then two hours after launch…

Servers are in process of going live. Thanks for your patience! Some may encounter unusually long access times but these should resolve soon

— MLB The Show (@MLBTheShow) March 28, 2017

And then the confirmation of widespread issues:

We’ve received reports of slow/unresponsive servers; engineers are working hard to resolve. More updates ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

— MLB The Show (@MLBTheShow) March 28, 2017

The responses to the trio of Twitter posts were less than happy to say the least.

We booted up the game for ourselves, and received a network error upon landing on the main menu, followed by a message stating that we had been disconnected from The Show Online. Diamond Dynasty, the card-collecting staple and one of the biggest draws of the game, was completely inaccessible due to the server outage.

The issues extended to pre-order bonuses like card packs and stubs. For users who purchased the $70 MVP Edition, their packs and stubs couldn’t be redeemed.

Launch day server woes are hardly an extraordinary occurrence for AAA games, but it doesn’t negate the frustration of those players who largely bought the game to play in the online multiplayer mode with friends.

Thankfully, all signs point to a substantially more stable online service in The Show‘s second day on the diamond. If you’re still having issues with the online service, check back with us, as we’ve reached out to Sony and will update if we hear more.

Updated on 03/29/2017 by Steven Petite to report that servers are mostly back online

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