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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to get Prized Pelts

Your adventure really begins in any Monster Hunter game after you've beaten the main story and start working your way up through the Master Ranks. As you get higher up in the rankings, the more difficult your hunts will get, not only requiring more knowledge and skill, but far better weapons and gear for your character, too. The series has always had the flow of hunting monsters, gathering materials, crafting better gear, and then hunting tougher monsters, and that remains true for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Master Rank

Alongside the new area and monsters, there are plenty of new materials added in Sunbreak that you will need to gather to craft the newest and most powerful gear. Some can be picked up in the environments, while others like Prized Pelts need to be carved from smaller monsters in certain parts of the map. Because the new area is quite large, and there's always a chance you won't get a material drop on your first carve, it can be hard to pinpoint where exactly to get certain things. Here's exactly how you can get Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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How to farm Prized Pelts from Kelbi

There are two smaller monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that have a chance at dropping Prized Pelts, the first of which are the deer-looking Kelbi. Here's the best way to farm them for this material.

Step 1: Enter the Shrine Ruins area and fast-travel to Sub-Camp 1.

Step 2: Travel between areas 11, 12, and 13 in a kind of circle. There should be around half a dozen in this path for you to kill as long as there aren't any other big monsters in those zones to scare them away.

Step 3: Assuming you're in Master Rank, each Kebli you carve will have a 30% chance to drop a Prized Pelt.

A map of the frost islands.

How to farm Prized Pelts from Anteka

The other monsters to hunt for that can drop Prized Pelt are the big-horned Anteka. Here's the best way to farm them.

Step 1: Go into the Frost Islands and start in Area 1.

Step 2: This is the only area this monster has been spotted in, so roam around here over and over while wiping them out.

Step 3: Anteka should be your backup option for farming Prized Pelts since they have worse drop rates. They will only drop in Master Rank at a rate of 18%, which is just over half the rate of the Kebli.

Prized Pelts can be used to make all the following armor and Buddy Equipment:

  • Khezu Coil X
  • Leather Headgear X
  • Kadachi Greaves X
  • Hunter's Helm X
  • Bone Vampraces X
  • Volvidon Mail X
  • Leather Gloves X
  • Lagombi Helm X
  • Hunter's Greaves X
  • Lagombi Coil X
  • Izuchi Coil X

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