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Check out this proposal for an official Monument Valley Lego set

Mobile architecture puzzle game Monument Valley could be the perfect video game to make into a Lego set. It may not be as popular as DC Comics or Minecraft, but many of the award-winning 2014 game’s geometric structures already look like they could have been made using Lego pieces.

It turns out the game may finally get a shot at a building toy tie-in, thanks to a fan-designed Monument Valley Lego set submitted to the company’s Lego Ideas community platform. Created by Lego Ideas user Isometry, the set proposed designs allowing players to build four different levels from the game, “The Garden,” “The Labyrinth,” the “Water Palace,” and “Halcyon Court.” According to the description, the level plans would feature interactive elements, including “rotating walkways” and water wheels. The set would also include character pieces — not mini-figures — based on protagonist Ida, the magical crow, and totem.

So far the set has garnered more than 1,300 supporters through the site, which is a good start, but a far cry from the 10,000 endorsements needed to garner direct consideration from Lego. Design proposals that amass enough public support are reviewed by Lego’s designers and marketing team to determine whether or not they would make viable products. Perhaps more importantly, Monument Valley developer Ustwogames tweeted their support for the project last week.

Would you love a Monument Valley themed LEGO set?! Support this fan idea and it may happen!

— ustwogames (@ustwogames) February 5, 2016

For surpassing 1,000 user votes, the Monument Valley proposal has more than a year to get the support necessary to warrant an official review. If you like the idea, you can support the design by voting for it on Lego Ideas. If you haven’t tried the game yet, Monument Valley is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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