Free multiplayer maps and faster matchmaking coming to The Last of Us

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The team at Naughty Dog is releasing two new multiplayer maps for free on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of The Last of Us as a gesture of gratitude for their extremely supportive community. The studio initially teased the new multiplayer content in late July around the time that The Last of Us Remastered arrived on PlayStation 4.

The maps come as something of a mea culpa for the protracted waits that some players are experiencing while trying to play Factions multiplayer matches in The Last of Us Remastered, and the studio is working closely with other teams at PlayStation to provide updates that will alleviate the problem. The recent patch 1.02 has resulted in significant improvements, but there is still more to be done and the studio is committed to providing the most seamless online experience possible. Due to the number of groups working on the problem both inside and outside of the studio, there is no firm date yet on when the pertinent fix will be in place.

We will keep you updated when the studio gives any concrete information about when the patch will come out. Until then, the developers suggest that if you are experiencing particularly long delays while waiting for a match, the best course of action is to exit and select “Find Match” again.