Electronic Arts earnings call hints at E3 2013 lineup

NBA Live

The next title in EA Sports’ troubled NBA Live series will launch on next-gen consoles, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau confirmed during yesterday’s Electronic Arts earnings call. Gibeau further hinted at EA’s plans to reveal a slew of next-gen titles for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console at E3 that will release “in the coming year,” according to Kotaku. Among those titles will be a new NBA Live game with “breakthroughs in graphics and gameplay,” said Gibeau.

NBA Live 13 was meant to be released in October 2012, but EA Sports cancelled it at the last minute due to quality concerns. Before that, it was known as NBA Elite 11, a title that was cancelled in 2010. Gibeau suggested that a next-gen title in the series will debut at E3 alongside other PS4 and next-gen Xbox games in the Need for Speed, Battlefield, FIFA, and Madden series’. He also confirmed that EA will debut a new game engine at the June trade show.