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No need to reset: NES Classic Edition hack adds home screen shortcut

New Hakchi2 version 2.09 Reset function on normal Mini NES controller

Part of the appeal of the NES Classic Edition for many gamers is its ability to re-create authentic 8-bit experiences. Still, a few aspects of the mini console were probably better left in the rearview mirror. A stock model of the NES Classic Edition boots to the home screen, but after entering a game, the only way to switch to a different one is to press the reset button and start all over again. Thankfully, a new mod update fixes this rather agitating issue, according to a Polygon report.

GitHub user ClusterM has uploaded a new version of an app called Hakchi2 that gives the NES Classic Edition the power to return to the home screen by pressing the down and select buttons simultaneously. The mod is customizable, so you can change the shortcut to fit your preference. You can see this trick in action in the above video.

This shortcut comes just weeks after hackers opened the floodgates, successfully expanding the library of games from 30 to 84. There are a number of methods out there for hacking the console, but it appears that Hakchi2 is the only one that currently increases the size of the game library and includes the home screen addition.

The process for modding an NES Classic Edition to support the Hakchi2 app is relatively simple, as it doesn’t require you to open up the hardware. With the console connected to a PC via the included USB cable, it only takes a few simple steps. You can watch a full tutorial below.

Mod your NES Classic! - New Method!

NES Classic Edition modding is still a work in progress, and the console itself remains almost impossible to find in stores. It’s important to note that when you finally secure a unit, modding your console voids your manufacturer warranty. Also keep in mind that downloading ROMs is illegal unless you own a copy of the game.

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