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After a scarce supply in 2016, the NES Classic is available again

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition — or NES Classic — was one of the hottest gaming items of 2016, but limited supply and vigilant third-party sellers made it almost impossible to find. Nintendo discontinued the system shortly after it was released, but that changes now — the NES Classic is back.

Beginning Friday, June 29, you should begin to see the plug-and-play NES Classic return to stores. On GameStop’s website, the stand-alone system has already sold out, but a package also containing a Bluetooth and a carrying case is available for $105. As both these extra items will come in handy, it’s worth jumping on it while you have the chance.

Target, meanwhile, doesn’t have the NES Classic for sale online, but it is available in stores. You can check availability on Target’s website, and every single local store we checked had the system in stock. This likely won’t last, so you best head over there very soon.

For those of you who want to order the system instead of picking it on at a store, Best Buy currently has it in stock online. You can also build your own bundle through Best Buy, including additional controllers or extension cords — with the short length of the original controller’s cord, this is all but a required purchase.

Unfortunately, Walmart appears to be out of stock entirely, without any way to purchase it online or in stores. We suggest being careful when purchasing the system from Walmart regardless, as we had multiple orders canceled when attempting to purchase the SNES Classic through the store’s site last year. If you’re lucky, your local store may have a few consoles not listed on the site’s database.

The NES Classic is a great stand-alone system, offering classic games like Super Mario Bros. and the original Metroid, but the SNES Classic is even better. The latter system is expected to remain available for the rest of 2018, and supply wasn’t quite as limited as its predecessor. It will still pop up in stores occasionally, so don’t waste the opportunity to snag one and start playing Contra III or Final Fantasy VI!

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