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Select Insiders can now access the new Xbox Avatars

The long-awaited Xbox Avatar redesign has finally arrived. Well, if you’re one of the lucky Alpha members in the Xbox Insider Program, at least. Launching Tuesday, June 19, by noon PT, the new system fully retools Avatar looks and includes robust editing tools.

Alpha members can access the new Avatar Editor, which lets users adjust big picture stuff like facial features and apparel as well as more minute details like fingernails and makeup. At the start, the Avatar Editor will feature a few items for each category and a range of customizable appearance options, all of which can be modified to your liking with the color picker. Microsoft said that more “accessories, props, moods, clothing, and appearance categories” will be available soon.

The new Avatars will be integrated to the Xbox One dashboard soon as well, but for now, Insiders will only be able to access the Avatar Editor itself. Microsoft plans to roll out dashboard integration for Insiders before the public Avatar launch.

After you create your new Avatar, you can capture an image to use as your gamer pic. The Photobooth feature within the editor allows users to go frame by frame, rotate the camera, and zoom, to pick out the exact right still they’re looking for.

The revamped Avatars were originally announced at E3 2017. Microsoft’s emphasis from the initial reveal has been on offering diverse options to users. The huge collection of accessories, looks, and colors will help make each Avatar unique and also allow users to see a better representation of themselves on screen if they so choose.

The rollout comes after months of leaks and speculation. In April, a video of the editor leaked, showcasing the full range of customization options.

Unfortunately, the Alpha tier is the highest Insider classification and can only be reached by invitation from Microsoft. There is still a chance you could gain access to the Avatars early, though. “Alpha — Skip Ahead” Insiders will also receive the update. Skip Ahead users are also invite-only, but is open to those in all three lower tiers who deliver consistent and quality feedback within the Insider Program.

If you aren’t an active Insider or an Insider at all, there is still reason to be happy. Once a feature enters the Insider program, it’s usually not long (weeks, maybe a month) before it is released to all users.

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