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Major 'Stardew Valley' update adds new maps, buildings, and divorce options

next stardew valley update allows players to get digitally divorced stardew11
Indie developer ConcernedApe charts a number of major changes and additions coming to its farmlife simulation game Stardew Valley with its next update, including new starting farms, construction options, and marriage candidates.

Returning farmers who have grown tired of their in-game marriages will also be able to annul their vows in the next update, making Stardew Valley one of the very few video games that allows players to file for virtual divorce.

Released earlier this year for Windows PCs, Stardew Valley is a farming simulation RPG that takes its gameplay cues from Natsume’s Harvest Moon series. Challenging players to restore a dilapidated farm to its former glory, Stardew Valley allows virtual farmers to raise livestock, befriend townsfolk, and eventually marry one of several available bachelors or bachelorettes over the course of their agricultural journey.

After installing Stardew Valley‘s next patch, players will be able to choose their starting farm, giving them a greater number of options at the game’s outset. Fans of Stardew Valley‘s fishing mechanics, for instance, will want to check out the new Riverland Farm, which features a number of lakes and rivers filled with aquatic wildlife.

The new Forest Farm offers more foraging opportunities, while the Hill-top Farm lets players focus on mining valuable ores. Players looking for a challenge will want to try their luck with the new Wilderness Farm, which spawns dangerous creatures like bats and golems when night falls.

Marriage is another central mechanic in Stardew Valley, and players will be able to date villagers Shane and Emily starting with the next update. In-game spouses will also offer additional in-game events and bonuses as an incentive for pursuing marriage, while players who have grown distant from their virtual wives and husbands will soon be able to file for divorce.

Other features premiering in Stardew Valley‘s next update include new shed and mill buildings, new locations and warp totems, and a new quest arc that adds magical construction options when completed. Hardcore players who complete the “Journey of the Prairie King” storyline will also be given the option to reattempt the quest at a higher difficulty level while retaining their previously earned coins and upgrades.

Stardew Valley players can get an early look at the upcoming patch’s new features and improvements by signing up for its beta branch via Steam. A public release date for Stardew Valley version 1.1 is not yet known.

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