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Nier: Automata players can purchase trophies, but they have to earn that ability

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For PlayStation fans, trophies have been a symbol of achievement. Earning that platinum trophy means the player dove deeper and fully mastered a game. Nier: Automata may shake things up a little bit.

This time around, acquiring trophies will be easier after multiple playthroughs. According to Reddit user youkatei, trophies can actually be purchased using in-game money obtained through regular play. After completing the game three times, players can purchase the trophies from a secret shop using the same currency that would be used to buy a potion or weapon.

It is important to note that the trophies cannot be purchased using actual money. It appears to be a way to reward players who have already put in the time and effort to play the game multiple times, but aren’t able to obtain the last remaining trophies on their list.

Director Yoko Taro has been touting that Nier: Automata will be a very large and replayable game. There are secrets to be found and multiple endings to be seen.

As Kotaku points out, Taro has blurred the lines in the past between the real world and his game worlds. He has deleted save files, changed visual perspectives and genres midgame, and allowed players to kill their character by removing essential items. Some of these aspects have made it into Nier: Automata, and this secret shop could be one more quirky decision from a quirky designer.

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game developed by Platinum Games. It is set during a war between machines and humanity and follows the battles of a combat android, her companion, and a fugitive prototype.This sequel to 2010’s Nier is scheduled for release on March 7 in North America and March 10 in Europe. The game was released on February 23 in Japan.

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