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Nintendo sees Mario-red for the holidays

Nintendo is hoping to expand the universe of Nintendo gamers—and tap into shoppers’ pocketbooks—with new Nintendo DSi XL and Wii product bundles, along with a new Wii Remote that integrates Nintendo’s MotionPlus sensor technology. ANd those product bundles sport a bright, festive Mario-red color to make the products stand out from the crowd

“Whether shoppers want to add a cool new look to their gaming setup or expand their supply of controllers with an exciting game, Nintendo offers a great value for the holidays,” said Nintendo America’s PR director Marc Franklin, in a statment. “For anyone who is still on the fence about whether to join the world of video games, we’re offering many fun, easy, economical ways to get involved.”

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First up, existing Wii owners might want to check out the new Wii Remote Plus, which integrates the Wii MotionPlus sensor into a standard Wii remote—without that awkward, lumpy add-on at the end. The remove offers all the enhanced motion sensing of the MotionPlus unit and, going forward, will be the default Wii controller that ships with Wii consoles. However, folks looking to supplement an existing Wii can pick them up separately for a suggested price of $39.99.

Folks new to the Nintendo gaming world might be intrigued by two new product bundles Nintendo has put together for the holidays—and they’re both bright red to honor the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. (Yes, that’s right: 25 years. If Mario were a child, he’d be all grown up, out of school, have some tattoos and piercings, and be living in your basement by now.)

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The Red Nintendo DSi SL bundle features a red NIntendo XL DSi with three Mario-themed graphics: the unit is pre-loaded with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock and ships with Mario Kart DS. The bundle—available only while supplies last—has a suggested price of $179.99.

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Finally, Nintendo is also shipping a Mario-red Nintendo Wii console bundle, featuring both a red Wii console and a red Wii Motion Plus controller and nunchuck extension, along with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and standard console content like Wii Sports. Again, the red bundle is only available “while supplies last,” and it carries a suggested price of $199.99.

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