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Snakebyte announces line of accessories for Nintendo Switch

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There are plenty of questions surrounding the Nintendo Switch. Just when will we get our hands on it? Will it feature a touchscreen? Will it have more internal storage than the Wii U? Will it launch with a line of accessories? Fortunately, we at least have an answer for that last question, as the German company Snakebyte has revealed several accessories for the console.

Launching this spring — likely to coincide with the Nintendo Switch’s official release — Snakebyte will be releasing the “Nintendo Switch Starter Kit.” This package includes a carrying case, which appears to be soft-shell for easier transportation, as well a screen protector, cleaning cloth, game cases, and stereo earbuds. The package also contains what Snakebyte calls “Control Caps,” which are placed on top of the system’s thumb sticks. They look quite similar to the PlayStation’s “GelTabz,” which prevent the soft rubber underneath from wearing out and tearing.

Snakebyte will also be releasing a stereo headset, featuring 40mm drivers, for the console, which should come in handy when using it in its portable configuration. Due to the way the Switch is positioned when in its docked configuration, the headset will likely be unusable — unless you choose to plug it directly into your television. The headset will be foldable to allow for easier transportation.

Also announced were two accessories for the incredibly hard-to-find NES Classic system. The “NES Classic Edition Power Adaptor” allows users to plug the console directly into a power outlet instead of a USB port, while an extension cable for the console’s gamepad will extend its length by nearly 10 feet. This should make playing it from the couch or bed much less of an ordeal, once you’re finally able to get one.

Are there any other Switch accessories you’re hoping for, or did Snakebyte cover all the bases? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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