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Arms North American Online Open gives players a chance to stay fit inside

Don’t have Ring Fit Adventure but want to stay in shape while under quarantine? The Nintendo Switch game Arms provides a motion-controlled alternative, and its North American Online Open will let players put their skills to the test in April.

Beginning April 4, the Arms North American Online Open will feature eight winners, all of whom will receive 2,500 Nintendo Gold Points as the grand prize, worth $25 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

As the tournament’s name implies, it’s open to residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Along with the game and Nintendo Switch system, participants need a reliable internet connection and a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Rip those sleeves off because #ARMS is joining the North American Online Open action! Place in the top 8 and you’ll be eligible for 2500 Gold Points.

The ARMS North American Online Open April 2020 punches off 4/4 at 10am PST, so register today!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) March 23, 2020

Registration is already underway, and the tournament will use a one-on-one format. This should make it easier to determine which individual players are the best of the best and eliminate the chance that someone would purposely lose in order to sabotage their teammate. The standard multiplayer mode typically features a mix of solo and team play.

Though not the most-acclaimed Switch game, Arms is certainly one of the most unique. Matches play out like a cross between boxing and dodgeball, with players using special punch abilities and evasive moves in order to avoid getting hit. When playing against a veteran, almost no area in an arena is safe and players must rely on quick reflexes and carefully-place shots in order to win. There are also local multiplayer options so families can stay active together during a quarantine period.

Arms features a few control schemes including a traditional button and analog sticks option that doesn’t require motion controls. With the system docked or in tabletop mode, however, players can remove the Joy-Con controllers and physically swing them. Depending on the skill of the opponent, it can get vigorous, and attacks can be fine-tuned by carefully turning the controller while throwing a punch. This means opponents could be playing without motion controls, but they won’t have the same options as those using them.

ARMS Character Introduction - Nintendo Switch

Due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, video game fitness options are gaining popularity. The most obvious choice on Nintendo Switch is Ring Fit Adventure, but the game is sold out and being listed for far more than its standard price on third-party sites. Arms doesn’t provide all the same data on calories burnt, but it will still get players moving during what would otherwise be a very quiet period.

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