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Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch suffers from supply shortages globally

Ring Fit Adventure, a game for the Nintendo Switch that promotes indoor exercise, is running out of stocks worldwide amid the outbreak of the new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19.

Every box of Ring Fit Adventure contains the game, the Ring-Con, and a Leg Strap, with players attaching their Joy-Cons to the two accessories. Players’ real-world actions are translated into in-game commands, providing a workout while aiming to complete various minigames and customizable workout routines.

Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The supply shortage of Ring Fit Adventure in the United States and Canada stretches back a few weeks, according to Polygon. A statement by Nintendo confirmed that stocks of the fitness RPG are “selling out at various retail locations in the Americas,” though the company is working to release more units as soon as possible.

With Ring Fit Adventure nearly impossible to buy in stores, eBay listings for the game have gone for as high as $170, which is more than double the suggested retail price of $80.

The issue is not limited to North America though, as Ring Fit Adventure is also sold out in various countries. It certainly does not help that there have been resellers who were hoarding the stock and selling them for outrageous prices of more than $250.

Chinese resellers are continuing to buy overseas stock of Ring Fit Adventure in huge quantities to resell in China where the package is currently selling for over $250.

Global shortages + viral short videos showcasing the game + impact of coronavirus driving up demand.

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) February 20, 2020

The Ring Fit Adventure supply shortage is happening amid concerns of the coronavirus, but it remains unclear how the pandemic has affected the fitness RPG’s production. Nintendo said in February that the coronavirus outbreak affected its products for the Japanese market, which sources hardware from China, but not the North American and European supply chains.

It is possible that Nintendo underestimated the demand for Ring Fit Adventure, as because of its price that is $20 more than a typical Nintendo Switch game due to the accessories, there was a risk that it would gather dust on store shelves.

Ring Fit Adventure, however, was a hit, and was second among the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch in February, behind just Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, according to NPD Group data. In addition, with people staying indoors amid the coronavirus scare, Nintendo Switch owners are looking for ways to get their daily exercise, further driving up demand for the fitness RPG.

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