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Amazon Prime members can snag a Nintendo Switch Lite for $180 on Woot

While the holidays are the most expensive time of the year for many of us, several retailers are easing the hit to our wallets by offering a slew of deals on video games and accessories. If your loved one has their eyes on a Nintendo Switch Lite console, you’re in luck: Woot is currently offering the consolefor under $200.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite console on the site for $180. Of course, if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, you can still buy the console for under $200. with non-Prime members receiving $10 off the product.

If you are looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite, do not hesitate on taking advantage of this offer — Nintendo systems rarely receive a price cut, and we expect this promotion to sell out within the next few days.

Launched earlier this year, the Nintendo Switch Lite is drastically different from its predecessor and should not be viewed as a replacement for the original model. Instead, the Switch Lite serves as a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch that is strictly a handheld-only variant. Retailing for $100 less, the $200 Lite is a single unit with integrated Joy-Cons built-in and a regular D-Pad instead of the separate four directional pads.

With the money saved,you can take advantage of other great Switch deals, as several of the console’s popular titles are also available at discounted prices. Highlights include Pokemon Sword/Shield for $48 and Astral Chain for $50.

In addition to this deal, Walmart also has its own Nintendo Switch Lite deal currently available. While the retailer is not discounting the console itself, you can purchase the system and a carrying case for only $200. If you’re looking to buy a standard Nintendo Switch console, you are also in luck. For $300, Best Buy currently has a Nintendo Switch bundle that includes the console, a $30 gift card, plus a free copy of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Amazon also has it’s own $300 Nintendo Switch deal, with consumers receiving a $30 promotional credit, while Walmart’s exclusive Switch deal includes a $20 gift card for the Nintendo eShop, in addition to a carrying case, also for $300.

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