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Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3 getting PC cross-save support

When The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launched on Nintendo Switch last year, it gave players another chance to finally finish the gargantuan RPG by allowing them to take it on the go. Now developer CD Projekt Red is making that dream even more attainable by adding PC cross-save to the Switch edition.

Fans originally discovered the news when the South Korean version of the game received its latest patch. The 3.6 update adds a host of new improvements to the game, including a way to import save files from PC.

The cloud save function allows players to sign in to their Steam or GOG accounts and access data back and forth between Switch and PC. The same feature was recently used for the Switch release of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

The patch is now available everywhere, bringing a slew of optimization changes in addition to cross-save. There are new graphical options to help improve the game’s visuals on Switch, which look drab compared to the visual punch it packs on consoles and PC at the moment. Though unverified, possible screenshots of the update show a list of new toggles, which even let players adjust their “foliage visibility range,” likely affecting how far off graphics will start loading.

The update features touch control support and more text languages along with bug and crash fixes.

The idea of PC cross-save on Switch is exciting considering how gigantic The Witcher 3 is. Being able to take save files portable means that players will have more opportunities to dig into the game wherever they go. That, coupled with the new graphical improvements, may make the Switch version a perfect supplement for players who don’t want to tether themselves to their PC for 200 hours to complete the game.

It’s another update in The Witcher series’ second life brought about by the popular Netflix adaptation. Season 2 of the show is in the works, with the show recently casting two important roles from the series’ history. The second season will release in 2021, giving players a full year to tackle their backlog and finally beat The Witcher 3, whether on the Switch or not.

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