No Region Locking For Xbox 360 Ghostbusters

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The new Ghostbusters game for the Xbox 360 goes on sale in North America on June 19. So what, you think? Well, it could prove to be a bigger deal than people imagine.

Reports are that the game will be region-free, meaning that Europeans could buy the game online for use or it could be imported via the so-called grey market. In most cases games, like DVDs, are regionally coded. The exceptions are games for the Sony PS3, PSP, and Nintendo DS.

It’s not good news for Sony as it battles for a larger market share for the PS3, however, since it has the initial exclusive on the Ghostbusters game for Europe, with the official Xbox European release not coming until later this year.

Although Sony didn’t comment, a spokesman muttered darkly to the BBC that it "wasn’t the first time a 360 title had been released region free."

Understandably, retailers are also concerned, fearing that European consumers will go online to purchase the game from American outlets before it’s released in Europe. There are also concerns that some retailers might buy American stock for resale – the grey market.