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Outriders: tips and tricks to playing the Trickster

Outriders features four different classes for players to choose from. The Pyromancer, Technomancer, Devastator, and Trickster all come with unique skills and abilities that make them vital to any squad. The most original part of Outriders gameplay mechanics is how players heal. Each class has a passive healing ability/requirement that will keep them alive and in the fight. We’ve put together a complete tips-and-tricks guide for the Outriders close-combat specialist: The Trickster. In this Trickster strategy guide, we’ll lay out everything new and seasoned players need to know about how to play the Trickster in Outriders.

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Intro to the Trickster

Outriders Intro to the Trickster

The Trickster class in Outriders became a fan favorite overnight. It was so widely played that Developers at People Can Fly had to nerf some of the Trickster’s skills and perks to balance them with other classes. Fans learned that the Trickster’s close-range combat prowess made them an unstoppable force if played correctly.

Each Outrider class has a passive elemental effect that applies when they use their skills. For example, the Pyromancer inflicts Burn to enemies hit with their abilities. The Trickster bends space and time to leave afflicted enemies in a state of slow-motion known as Slow. This makes them easy targets for long-range Technomancer’s to finish off or Devastators to obliterate.

The Trickster is all about getting in and getting out. With the right skills, weapons, and mods, this class can still outperform any other Outrider in the party — not that it’s a competition to see who can get the most kills when playing online. The Trickster is great for taking out Sniper nests and slowing elite enemies.

How to heal as the Trickster

Outriders Crafting Guide

The Trickster recovers health whenever they get a close-range kill. Enemies close enough to the Trickster to proc their heal are marked by a green status symbol under their HP bar. The Trickster also gains shields upon getting close-range kills. This makes them an effective close-range mini-tank ideal for taking out small clusters of weaker enemies.

Close-range kills are not the only way to heal as the Trickster, though. It’s important to keep track of which weapons provide Weapon Leech and Skill Leech. For the Trickster, Skill Leech is less effective, as Trickster skills outside of Venator’s Knife, Cyclone Slice, and Temporal Blade don’t cause direct damage. However, Weapon Leech will save the Trickster in a pinch if they can’t get in close.

There’s a lot of talk going around about “not taking cover” in Outriders. Sometimes, especially on harder world tiers, you’ll get pinned down by elite enemies that you can’t just warp behind and kill. Take cover and pop out to deal as much damage as possible. A weapon with decent Weapon Leech can restore the Trickster’s health to full, especially with Twisted Rounds.

Trickster skills: Top four

Outriders Trickster Venator's Knife

Each class in Outriders comes with eight class-specific skills that are unlocked as players level up. We’ve isolated the four best Trickster skills that can be used interchangeably. Keep in mind that some of these skills are better used in the early stages of the game while others rise in the ranks as world tiers get harder. For example, Slow Trap is a must-use in the early stages but gets phased out as spongier enemies are not so easily killed inside.

Hunt the Prey

Select an enemy. Teleport behind them to receive a shield bonus.

Hunt the Prey is the quintessential Trickster skill and will be used in almost every combat encounter. We say almost every because this skill isn’t very applicable in most Outriders boss battles and when dealing with hordes of Perforo (grunt-like creatures). However, when dealing with Insurgents and other human enemies, Hunt the Prey will save you in a pinch and aid in healing. The skill will warp the Trickster behind the targeted enemy, leaving them open for an easy close-range kill. Use Hunt the Prey and Slow Trap to vanquish groups of weak insurgents.

If you don’t have a mod that buffs Hunt the Prey with Slow, make sure to melee the enemy to warp behind to slow them down. Pull out your shotgun and start blasting. Hunt the Prey can be tricky and doesn’t always work if there are too many obstacles between you and the target. You also can’t warp across the battlefield and need to be in a reasonable range of the target. However, if the Trickster can get in close enough, they are essential for taking out snipers.

Venator’s Knife

Throw a temporal knife at an enemy that will ricochet between a maximum of five enemies. The blade deals damage and marks all affected enemies. Marked enemies are afflicted with Slow, and for 10 seconds, the first damage dealt will be doubled.

The description of Venator’s Knife doesn’t tell you that it can also Interrupt elites when they’re casting their skills. This makes it the second-best Trickster skill, as you’ll need an Interrupt skill available at all times. Venator’s Knife also comes with a quick cool-down, so it can be used time and time again. Once you’ve reached higher world tiers, Venator’s Knife edges out Slow Trap. Here’s why:

Slow Trap only lasts so long. If you’re unable to kill all enemies inside the bubble, you’re now stuck behind enemy lines with endless bullets raining down on you. While the Trickster is meant for close-range combat, it isn’t designed for suicide missions. When paired with Twisted Rounds, Venator’s Knife can easily take down a group of approaching enemies before they can get close enough to hurt you.

Twisted Rounds

Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets to increase your Firepower. It lasts until you reload or switch weapons.

Twisted Rounds and Slow Trap are interchangeable depending on your playstyle. Those playing a more DPS Trickster should opt for Twisted Rounds for the increased Firepower. They’ll need it for taking down Breachers and Bonewreckers (tank-like human enemies). Twisted Rounds also help to sink damage into Captains, mini-bosses, and actual bosses like the Giant Volcano Spider.

Finally, Twisted Rounds can give the Trickster unlimited Anomaly ammo when paired with the proper mods and weapons. We’ll touch on that later on.

Slow Trap

Create a space-time Anomaly sphere that inflicts Slow for 10 seconds.

Those playing more faithful to the Trickster Class will use Slow Trap in tandem with Hunt the Prey to warp behind pockets of enemies, slow them all, and blast them away with a shotgun. Slow Trap is especially helpful when being swarmed by Amazons (Kang’s swift, blade-wielding enemies).

The only issue is Slow Trap’s long 25-second cool-down compared to Hunt the Prey’s nine-second cool-down. Unless you’re also running Borrowed Time (and have it active), you might find yourself stuck behind enemy lines with no means of escape. Strategize when using Slow Trap — don’t just spam it and think you’ll be safe. It works in Outriders early stages but gets harder as the game progresses.

Other Trickster skills

Outside of these four, the Trickster’s other skills aren’t advantageous. Borrowed Time can help during boss battles when Hunt the Prey isn’t viable. Cyclone Slice is fun initially, but the Trickster is still susceptible to incoming damage while it’s active. It’s also not easy to control.

Temporal Blade is the first skill you unlock, and it’s the first one out the door once you begin leveling up. While it and Cyclone Slice are the only Trickster skills that Interrupt, Venator’s Knife will prove more effective. Finally, Time Rift is the last skill unlocked, but it’s not edging out the four we’ve mentioned.

Best weapons for the Trickster class

Outriders Red Widow Shotgun

Shotguns, shotguns, shotguns. If you’re not using a shotgun on your Trickster, you’re doing it wrong. So, the question becomes: Pump-action or automatic?

Pump-action shotguns will deal more damage but have slow RPMs and reload times. Automatic shotguns can fire as fast as an LMG while still pumping out serious close-range damage. For example, a pump-action shotgun might deal 900 damage. An automatic will deal 465. However, that automatic shotgun will get three shots off before the pump-action can fire again. Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to find an automatic shotgun with a 20-round clip, you’ll deal far more damage over time.

On top of that, modding auto-shotguns will proc the mod more often than a pump action. For example, the Red Widow in the image above calls down Thor-like lightning bolts after a two-second cool-down. It makes mincemeat out of any enemy in its path.

Your secondary weapon is entirely based on player preference. However, the Trickster should never be using a sniper rifle. It’s counterintuitive to their build, plain and simple. Tricksters should be relying on their auto shotguns to deal close-range damage but should keep an AR or LMG on their back to deal with elites and easy targets. Using an LMG makes the infinite Anomaly ammo mod combo easier to pull off.

Best mods and mod combos for Trickster

Pairing the right mods is the key to success in Outriders. New players and those currently in the mid-game won’t have a slew of mods at their disposal. At most, they’ll have all tier-one mods with a handful of tier-two. Ultimately, it comes down to player preference. Are you going for DPS, or are you looking to buff your Trickster’s skills? Ideally, you’re doing a little bit of both.

Thunder Dome

Armor Tier 1, Slow Trap buff: Receive 100% shied when the skill ends. Thunder Dome will help in getting your Trickster out of harm’s way once Slow Trap is over.


Armor Tier 1, Hunt the Prey buff: Deal 1,556 damage to the enemy you warp behind. If you’re not using Slow Trap, Backstabber will deal a chunk of damage to elite enemies or finish off small enemies allowing you to focus on others.


Weapon Tier 2: Killing shots spawn explosives around your target, dealing 1400 damage in a 5-meter radius. This mod is fantastic in close-range combat. It’s especially effective when taking out hordes of small enemies and is a great way to conserve ammo. Furthermore, when engaging multiple enemies behind the same piece of cover, this mod can kill all of them or at least damage them considerably.

Infinite Anomaly ammo mod combo

The following mod combinations will grant you infinite Anomaly ammo if done correctly. We suggest using an LMG due to its high-capacity magazines (100-plus bullets/mag). Head over to Dr. Zehedi and get crafting.

Additional Mag

Armor Tier 1: The Twisted Rounds skill is active for two magazines. See how this mod is buffing both the skill and overall DPS? This is the first step in having infinite Anomaly ammo.

Vampiric Mag

Armor Tier 2: Killing shots on enemies afflicted by Bleed replenished 50% of ammo in your magazine. This is the second step to infinite Anomaly rounds, and a crucial one. Double-down on the ammo replenishment with the Toxic Lead mod, which replenishes 40% of your ammo when you kill enemies afflicted with Toxic.

Bleeding Bullets

Weapon Tier 1: Shot inflicts Bleed on enemies. Bleeding Bullets is the third and final step to infinite Anomaly ammo. All you have to do is keep track of the 8-second cool-down for Bleeding Bullets. You’ll know enemies are afflicted with Bleed by the status symbol under their HP bar. If done correctly, you should constantly replenish your current magazine, even if it’s full of Twisted Rounds.

Toxic Bullets

Weapon Tier 1: Shot inflicts Toxic on enemies. While Bleeding Bullets/Vampiric Mag is a better combo, you can still use Toxic Bullets/ Toxic Lead for a similar effect. If you get so lucky to find an LMG with Bleeding Bullets or Toxic Bullets already equipped, consider yourself in luck. These mod combos WILL stack together.

Perpetuum Mobile

Weapon Tier 2: You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 35% or less ammo remaining in your magazine. Perpetuum is the fail-safe for the infinite anomaly ammo combo. However, using Perpetuum won’t let you double-down on both bleeding and toxic bullets. You’ll also need to find a gun you like using with this mod already equipped. Remember, once you alter one mod, the second one locks.

Thirst for Blood

Armor Tier 2: Killing enemies afflicted with Bleed increases your Weapon Leech by 40% for 10 seconds. If going for a bleed-build infinite ammo mod combo, Thirst for Blood will help keep your Trickster alive if they can’t get in close range to heal. Not only are you firing high-powered Anomaly bullets, but you’re also doubling your Weapon Life Leech and inflicting bleed every 8 seconds.

Surviving boss battles as the Trickster

Outriders Boss Battle

The Trickster is not the best class for boss battles. You’re not going to be killing bosses with close-range combat to heal. It would be best to go into a boss battle with a Weapon Leeching gun and offensive skills equipped. For example, you won’t be using Hunt the Prey to kill bosses in Outriders. Instead, use Borrowed Time for the shield boost.

You also won’t need Slow Trap, as big bosses like Chrysaloid in the Forest won’t be affected by it. Twisted Rounds, Borrowed Time, and Venator’s Knife should be your go-to skills when it comes to boss battles. You can get away with Hunt the Prey during altered boss battles, but it’s not going to be as effective as it usually is.

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