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‘Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2’ pops up in Korea

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Gamers may be getting an update to one of the greatest arcade games ever. Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 has popped up on Korea’s software ratings board, meaning that the game could be very close to becoming a reality.

Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 rated for PC/PS4/XB1 in Korea.

— lifelower (@lifelower) June 24, 2016

Champion Edition 2 will follow-up Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, which was released back in 2010. It was kind of an odd release, considering the first Championship Edition, released in 2007, garnered only modest critical acclaim. But Championship Edition DX blew critics away with it’s neon colors and addictive gameplay. It currently stands at 93 on Metacritic.

Pac-Man has seen quite the resurgence these past few years. The iconic arcade character, that’s now more than 35 years old, has popped up again and again. After the release of Championship Edition DX, Pac-Man reappeared in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Sadly, due to character patches, he isn’t as competitively viable as he was at the game’s launch. But he’s still a fun character to play with nonetheless. Pac-Man then reappeared once again in Adam Sandler’s critically loathed Pixels, actually being featured on the films poster. Original game designer Toru Iwatani also made a cameo appearance.

More recently, Pac-Man appeared again, but this time in a new game titled Pac-Man 256. Developed by Hipster Whale, the same team that brought the incredibly popular mobile title Crossy Road, it riffed on the classic Pac-Man 256 glitch. In the original arcade version of Pac-Man, when dedicated players reached the 256th screen, the side would fill with random characters and numbers. This was because Pac-Man was intended to never end, as long as the player had one life. But because of hardware limitations at the time, the game’s internal level counter was stored in a single byte. When it reached 255, the game would try to call on fruit for the next level, but instead of calling seven, it would call 256. This then would end the game.

Here’s hoping that Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 gets announced soon.

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