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Phasmophobia adds single-player mode in one-year anniversary update

Phasmophobia is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a single-player update. Instead of venturing deep into a haunted house with three friends in co-op mode, players can now tackle these maligned spirits by themselves … if they are brave enough, that is. The update also fixes a myriad of issues in the game, as well as brings an update to the journal.

Phasmophobia is a multiplayer horror game where squads of four investigate haunted houses. The game was a surprise hit — it even nabbed a Best Debut Indie nomination at last year’s Game Awards.

The biggest update in this new patch is its all-new single-player mode. This allows players to experience the game without connecting to a server, which was impossible before this patch. Besides the single-player mode, Phasmophobia now features an overhauled journal to make the game more approachable to newcomers. Players can now cross out evidence on the ghost page, which should make it easier to keep track of your research. The pause menu, including game settings, can now be accessed and changed directly through the journal.

Before this update, when players lost a contract, they’d be kicked back to headquarters, scratching their head over what sinister specter took their team down. Now the game will let players know what kind of ghost tossed them around. This will help players in the long run, as they will have some hints to future hunts with the ghosts they have already faced. Insurance after failing a contract will now be on a scale instead of being a flat rate of $10.

The update patches other small issues with the game, such as glitches with the microphone item and ghost behavior issues,

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