PlanetSide 2 brings massive gunfights to PS4 this month

Planetside 2

Massive online shooter PlanetSide 2 began its life as a PC exclusive, but that’s finally going to change later this month: The game launches for PlayStation 4 on June 23, and it’s coming with new content exclusive to the console.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into streamlining and improving the feature set so that PS4 players will have the ultimate massive-scale, FPS gaming experience,” says director of development Andy Sites. The PlayStation 4 version will also include an exclusive map, Koltyr, as well as other “unique features.” So far, these include touchpad support and use of the Share button.

The majority of online PS4 games require a subscription to PlayStation Plus, but as a free-to-play game, PlanetSide 2 is exempt from this requirement, much like Blacklight Retribution and Warframe. However, subscribers will receive a bonus in the form of a discount on the “Nanite Systems Starter Bundle.” There will also be a special PlanetSide 2-specific membership option for $15 per month, which offers extra experience, exclusive discounts, promotions, and even priority for game queues.

Although PlanetSide 2 will only be coming to PS4 in North America and Europe on June 23, Daybreak says they have plans to “expand to additional countries and languages in the future.” The game will not be cross-platform between PS4 and PC, but will otherwise offer the same experience.

PlanetSide 2‘s developer, Daybreak Game Company, was previously known as Sony Online Entertainment before being spun off earlier this year. The company is also responsible for other massive online games including EverQuest, DC Universe Online, and the recent H1Z1. Perhaps its greatest achievement, however, was being the former home of internet sensation Brent Rambo. Sadly, Rambo left the company last year, but would most likely approve of the job Daybreak has done in his absence.