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Is this a new, unannounced PlayStation 4 model? We may find out soon

More details leak on unannounced Playstation 4 model's size, controller

Sony is expected to reveal new details on its 4K-capable PlayStation 4 “Neo” console during an event in just a few weeks, but it appears that a new model of the PlayStation 4 has been spotted in the wild already.

Twitter user Shortman82 spotted a “PS4 Slim” for sale in his local classifieds, with the seller telling him that the console is expected to officially go on sale in about three weeks. This would be about a week after Sony’s September 7 PlayStation event. Not surprisingly, the model shown only contains a 500GB hard drive, suggesting that it would remain a more budget-friendly option compared to the higher-end PlayStation 4 Neo.

On popular gaming forum NeoGAF, a user posted an image of the console’s front, which features rounded edges, spread-out USB ports, and physical eject and power buttons. The status indicator light on the system’s top also appears to be removed and, according to a video posted by Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Dale, it has been replaced by a small indicator light on the power button itself. On the system’s underside, the rubber feet have been replaced by nubs resembling the four PlayStation controller buttons. The AC port also features a cutout in the plastic shell, which should make it much easier to plug in and unplug the system.

Following the NeoGAF post, Eurogamer reported it had verified the authenticity of the leaked console, after tracking down the person who purchased the console through online classified advertisement board Gumtree. Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter recorded a short video of the console booting up, which you can watch above.

Coincidentally, a report published Sunday night by The Wall Street Journal suggested that Sony plans to to reveal two new systems at its event next month, the “high-end” PlayStation 4 Neo, and a “slimmer and less expensive” version of  the current PlayStation 4. While many reports have referred to the new hardware as the “slim” model, the word “slim” is not visible on the leaked console’s box, which could mean that the original system is on its way out permanently. It is also undoubtedly a smaller system — Let’s Play Video Games states that it’s about one-third shorter in height than the original PlayStation 4, and a few centimeters shorter on its edges.

Accessing the PlayStation 4’s hard drive — which previously required removing several screws to get into the guts of the system — is now possible by removing just one screw and unclipping a piece of plastic on the system’s side.

The system’s redesigned controller, which features altered coloring and a front-facing light bar, has also reportedly seen its functionality altered. Plugging the controller into a PS4, old or new, will now cause it to transfer data over the wired connection, similar to the Xbox One’s controller. Elsewhere, functionality has actually been removed. Optical audio will no longer be an option, with the port removed from the back of the system.

Updated on 08-22-2016 by Mike Epstein: Added Eurogamer “confirmation” video and updated report.

Updated on 08-30-2016 by Gabe Gurwin: Added additional information on system’s size, functionality, and controller.

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