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How to watch PlayStation’s March State of Play

Just a month after its last showcase, Sony already has another State of Play on the way. The snappy showcases typically provide looks into what the company has lined up for the next few months, usually including a good number of game announcements or release date reveals.

Based on Sony’s description of today’s State of Play showcase, we can expect more of the same. Here’s how you can watch today’s State of Play, when it airs, and what you can expect.

When is the March State of Play?

Sony isn’t giving the rumor mill much time to spin with its latest State of Play. The show is set to air today at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET). While it’s later in the day for those on the east coast, this timeslot isn’t anything new for Sony’s State of Play showcases. Today’s State of Play will last a quick 20 minutes.

How can you watch the March State of Play?

Like all other PlayStation State of Play showcases, today’s will air on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels at the same time. However, one tends to be ahead of the other, so be sure to check both if you want to see the announcements as fast as possible.

What will be shown at the March State of Play?

Today’s State of Play is going to focus on PlayStation’s Japanese publishers, meaning we could easily see Capcom’s next-gen Resident Evil ports or even some footage of a Resident Evil 4 remake. We’ll also get some updates on games from other developers around the world too, so it’s extremely likely that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be shown at some point, especially with its release date coming up. As for a non-game announcement, Sony could also use this State of Play to reveal Spartacus, its rumored Game Pass competitor.

What we won’t be seeing any of during the State of Play is Sony’s upcoming VR headset, the PlayStation VR2, or its software. In its post announcing the show, Sony explicitly stated that it “won’t have any updates on PlayStation VR2 titles or hardware in this broadcast.”

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