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How to watch today’s Sony ‘PlayStation Meeting,’ and what we expect to see

On Wednesday, September 7 at 3 p.m. ET, Sony will be holding a “PlayStation Meeting” press event to discuss the future of the PlayStation 4, and presumably offer information on more powerful, unannounced machines.

If you want to tune in and watch the event for yourself tomorrow afternoon, the PlayStation Live site is the perfect place to go, with a Twitter feed on the side to let you see the community’s reactions to the announcements in real time — and inevitably to ask for a Knack sequel.

Should you not want to use Sony’s proprietary player, the stream will also be available via the company’s official YouTube and Twitch streams. These were used extensively for content back at E3 in June, and could keep you watching the announcements live if one of your other sources fails.

The biggest expected announcement tomorrow is the PlayStation Neo, a high-end console that will compete with Microsoft’s recently announced Project Scorpio. In addition to an improved CPU and GPU, the console will reportedly support PlayStation VR out of the box, eliminating the need for the current system’s additional processor unit. It will also support 4K resolution.

The other announcement we expect is more of a poorly kept secret. The PlayStation 4 Slim, which has already been covered extensively online — you can even watch someone take it apart right here — has still not been officially acknowledged by Sony. The console sports a thinner, rounded design, and features a new controller than adds an additional light bar underneath the touchpad.

With PlayStation VR launching next month, we’re betting that Sony still has a few surprises up its sleeve. The peripheral’s launch lineup is already substantial and includes heavy hitters like Batman: Arkham VR, but pre-orders sold out at all major retailers and supplies aren’t expected to be replenished until after it launches. An additional wave of units would certainly make PlayStation fans very happy.

If you can’t watch the PlayStation Meeting live, be sure to stay right here for all the major announcements and news.

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