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Gotta track ’em all: Follow your ‘Pokémon Go’ progress with Pogo Profiles

pokemon go gets leaderboards stat tracking via pogo profiles pogoprof
Hardcore Pokémon Go fanatics can now track their progress and compete with friends via Pokémon Go Profiles, a new site dedicated to archiving the hit mobile game’s global statistics and player rankings.

Pogo Profiles also evaluates player prestige earned through Gym battles, awarding medals to the highest-ranking Pokémon trainers in the world.

After setting up a Pogo Profile and logging in to the site, Pokémon Go players can stay up to date on their collected Pokémon creatures with detailed summaries and IV stats, which are normally hidden from view. The app additionally tracks individual player stats, including Pokéballs thrown, eggs hatched, number of Pokémon caught, and distance traveled in pursuit of nearby creatures.

Comprehensive leaderboards allow players to focus on individual stats, giving them a quick overview of how they rank among the game’s global player base. Leaderboards can be sorted to account for all players, or they can be limited to specific groups, to keep competition close among friends.

Pokémon Go Profiles also displays global stat totals on its front page, making it easy to keep track of the game’s growth around the world. Collectively, Pokémon Go players in all regions have visited over 30 million Pokéstops since the game’s initial launch in July, leading to the capture of more than 23 million Pokémon to date.

Dedicated fans have additionally captured more than 1.3 million Pokémon Gyms since launch. Many players apparently don’t see the value in protecting their captured Gyms with powerful Pokémon, however, as Pokémon Go Profiles reveals that only around 12,000 Gyms have successfully fended off attacks from competing players.

The site notes that Pokémon Go‘s player base has hatched more than 828,000 eggs and evolved collected Pokémon more than 2.3 million times since the game’s inception. Players additionally spent over 52 million Pokéballs and walked a collective total of 1.7 million kilometers in search of the elusive digital creatures worldwide.

Detailed breakdowns regarding team popularity are also starting to trickle in, with Team Mystic currently ranking as the most popular of the bunch with over 7,000 members. Team Valor trails close behind with more than 5,900 members, while Team Instinct takes a distant third with only 4,100 players.

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