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A new Portal spinoff game is coming to Steam Deck

Valve’s new portable gaming console, known as the Steam Deck, is finally getting in the hands of players around the world. To coincide with this console release, Valve is releasing a new game set in the world of Portal titled Aperture Desk Job.

Aperture Desk Job Trailer

Aperture Desk Job is a playable short designed for the new Steam Deck that is described as a reimagining of the “been-there-done-that genre of walking simulators.” While the game is designed with the handheld in mind, it isn’t exclusive to the Steam Deck and can be played on a standard PC as well.

The game is referred to as a playable short and is advertised as a way to walk players through the controls and features of the new Steam Deck in a fun way. This focus on the handheld makes it a title exclusively played with controllers, therefore there is no keyboard and mouse support.

Valve made it a point to dash any hopes of this being a true sequel to Portal 2. The description of the game calls it an expanded universe of the one those games are set in, placing players in control of Aperture Science.

Portal: Companion Collection - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

A Portal handheld fix isn’t exclusive to the Steam Deck. Two weeks ago, a Portal collection titled the Portal: Companion Collection and containing Portal and Portal 2 was announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Aperture Desk Job is set to launch in three days on March 1 for both the Steam Deck and PCs. Steam Deck owners can download and experience the mainline Portal titles on the portable as well.

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