Preorder Prototype 2 and you might win a chance to be in the game


Are you tired of killing random spectators while playing Prototype? Then Activision and GameStop have great news for you! If you pre-order your copy of the Prototype 2 from GameStop, you will be entered for a chance to be placed into the game. Prototype 2 is sort of a reversal of the first game; The player is no longer Alex Mercer. You now play as James Heller, who blames Mercer for the death of his family. The game still takes place in New York City, or what’s left of it.

The fun doesn’t stop with just getting your character squished by a shape-shifting monster.  The lucky winners will be flown to Vancouver to Radical Entertainment’s office where they will have their face scanned and placed on an innocent bystander to wander the streets. Where this gets really interesting is that the main character James Heller is able to shape shift; so when you find yourself in the game you will be able to make Heller look like you.

This is one of the more creative ways to get fans involved in the creation of the game. Earlier we saw Bioware ask Facebook to select the look of the female version of Commander Shepard, but this takes the cake.  Usually when  you preorder a game, you might get a special in-game item or a new outfit, but we don’t think we have seen a promotion quite like this before.

The release date for Prototype 2 keeps getting pushed back, but as of most recently we can expect to see it in stores in April 2012. This should give the game makers plenty of time to scan faces to put some lucky fans into the game.