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Which PS5 accessories should you grab this Prime Day?

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of the PlayStation 5. Since its launch in November 2020, Sony’s enormous console has been a perpetual hot item that’s still hard to buy. For those who have been lucky enough to find one (like myself), the PS5 is less of a shiny new toy and more of an entertainment center fundamental. If you’re in that boat, you might be thinking that it’s time to accessorize.

Prime Day is as good an excuse as any to do that. Currently, just about every first-party Sony PS5 peripheral is discounted. That includes some extremely handy tech that’ll make your life easier — and other add-ons that are just plain fun. These are the PS5 accessories we recommend checking out while they’re on sale.

A colorful DualSense controller

New red and black PS5 DualSense controllers.

The standard white DualSense that comes with the PS5 is slick, but Sony has released several fun controller colors since then. Usually, they’re extremely expensive. If you wanted a Galactic Purple controller, you’d need to shell out $75. Luckily, all DualSense colors are 21% off for Prime Day, taking the price down to $59. At that price point, you could brighten up your gaming life with a Nova Pink DualSense, or go dark mode with Midnight Black. Or you can just grab another white one so you can play co-op games like It Takes Two. Whatever the reason, it’s a good price on a controller that’s usually pricier than a PS5 game.

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DualSense charging station

The official charging station for the PlayStation 5's DualSense controllers.

The only trouble with owning more than one controller is that charging them becomes a pain. If you’re used to charging everything by plugging it into the console directly, you’ll have to do an annoying juggling act to make sure all your DualSenses are charged at any given time. To solve that, Sony has a handy DualSense charging station. While it usually costs $30, its only $20 this Prime Day. This is one of those accessories that every PS5 owner with multiple controllers should have, so it’s as good a time as any to grab one considering the 33% price cut.

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Pulse 3D Wireless headset

The Pulse 3D wireless headset for the PlayStation 5.

When it comes to PS5 headsets, you have a lot of great options. I personally advocate for Razer’s haptic feedback-enabled Kaira Pro, which is on sale right now. But if you want a great PS5 headset for under $100, Sony’s own official PS5 headset is worth it. The Pulse 3D Wireless is specifically designed to take advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio, brining clear and detailed sound. With a comfortable design and 12 hours of battery life, its a great headset for your average gaming session. The Prime Day price cut takes it down to $90, which is a notable value for what you’re getting here. Both the black and white versions are discounted, so you can snag whichever one better suits your style (though the white better fits with the whole aesthetic of the PS5).

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PlayStation media remote

The buttons of the PS5 Media Remote.

The PS5 media remote is one of those items that’s always felt like an unnecessary luxury that I’d buy for the right price. I don’t need one — especially at its usual $30 — but I can’t deny that it would be very handy to be able to open Netflix or Disney+ with the tap of a button. Its much a much more tempting idea this Prime Day, because the PS5 media remote is down to $20. If the PS5 is your go-to streaming app device currently, this will bring a lot of convenience for a little bit of money.

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Samsung 980 Pro SSD

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD on a white background.

If you’re like me, you ran out of PS5 storage within one year. Video game file sizes are huge nowadays and the PS5 doesn’t have a wealth of internal storage. Luckily, you can expand that with any number of hard drive options. We recommend installing an SSD rather than using an external device, but that can be pricey. Luckily, plenty of PS5-compatible SSD drives are on sale currently. If we had to pick one, we’d recommend Samsung’s 980 Pro SSD. A 1TB version with heat sink would normally cost you $230, but you can get one for $140 this Prime Day. If you want to bump up a tier, you can even grab 2TB of storage for $250. It won’t solve your storage problems forever, but it’ll mean that you need to delete games far less often.

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