Razer brings back Ouya games with the Cortex store for its Forge TV box

Razer may be a major player when it comes to PC gaming peripherals, but that hasn’t helped it break into the micro-console market. The company’s Forge TV may have been the best Android-based console released so far, but it seems people just aren’t that interested in playing Android games on their TVs.

That isn’t stopping the maker of Forge TV from forging ahead (get it?) with the rollout of the Cortex game store, which is available now. If Cortex looks familiar, it’s because the store is essentially an overhauled version of the Ouya store, complete with a lineup of games that owners of the ill-fated console might remember.

Over the summer, Razer acquired Ouya in an all-cash deal, after which Ouya’s CEO Julie Uhrman left the company. A few days later, Razer mentioned it would follow through on Ouya’s indie game fund, though after that any mention of the Ouya brand seemed to disappear.

While the Forge TV includes the Google Play Store, giving it a sizeable library of games and apps, the Cortex store adds even more games to the box’s lineup. The Ouya ODK is now once again available to developers, so those few who were well acquainted with Ouya development can now develop for Razer’s own micro-console.

This follows a promise from Razer last month to bring a renewed focus on the Forge TV, which seems to have been somewhat forgotten by the company since its launch. This free update adds value for those who already own the device, but likely won’t see many new buyers.

In addition to games, the Forge TV will also be getting Sling TV, HBO Go, and Starz Play, CNET reports. This certainly increases the system’s utility as a streaming box, but it’s still a tough sell when compared to Amazon’s Fire TV, especially given that the Forge still lacks Netflix support.

If you were hoping for the most lauded feature of the Forge TV before its release, PC game streaming, Razer has also announced that it has stopped work on this feature, though third-party apps do offer the same functionality.

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