Razer Reveals New Xbox 360 Gaming Accessories

RZR_XboxControllerView7As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets under way in Las Vegas, peripheral maker Razer announced it has made several gaming accessories for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. The Razer Onza “professional gaming controller” for the Xbox 360 is a controller that includes adjustable tension on analog sticks, two multi-function buttons, and unique customization for gamers.

The controller is available with a $49.99 MSRP.


Razer also announced the Chimaera gaming headset which provides 5.1 Channel surround sound, comfortable, adjustable sizing, and a microphone for voice chat.  Razer is promoting the headset as one of the few Xbox 360 headsets providing full stereo-grade sound, with most third-party headsets offering lower sound quality.



The Razer Chimaera headset has a $129.99 MSRP.


Rzr_Xbox-Headset“Just as we did for PC gamers, we are really looking forward to revolutionizing the world of console gaming by creating a controller and gaming headset that gives console gamers the same level of quality, precision and accuracy that they know and expect in our PC products,” said Robert Krakoff, Razer President, in a statement.  “This is a great opportunity for us to continue to give gamers the competitive edge by really listening and responding to their needs.”

Razer first gained recognition for gaming mice and mouse pads, but has expanded to keyboards, headsets and speakers — Krakoff has been asked before when the company would begin offering products for consoles, but remained quiet about any product launches.

As console gaming popularity, especially with the Xbox 360, it’s no surprise Razer decided now is the proper time for Xbox 360 headset and controller launches.