Reddit comes to Xbox One as the ReddX app

Reddit has come to Xbox One. The new ReddX app, revealed on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire news feed, connects users directly with their account on the vast, text-heavy social network, complete with support for the Xbox One’s Snap feature. Now you can keep an eye on your favorite threads while you game, then flip over to the Snap window to upvote/downvote as you please and browse even deeper.

ReddX won’t change how most people use their Xbox One, but its arrival is yet another example of Microsoft’s aggressive efforts to establish the console as more than just a machine for gaming. As social networks go, it doesn’t get much bigger or more far-reaching than Reddit. The implicit suggestion that accompanies the app’s launch is that you never need to step away from your Xbox One again. Or something.

ReddX is accompanied by a new MTV app, which offers access to both online content and recent full episodes from the TV channel, and a features-laden update to the Twitch app that adds a “watch with friends” option and in-app support for Kinect’s ability to follow and zoom in on faces dynamically. Get all the details right here.

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