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Redfall, a new co-op shooter packed with vampires, set for summer 2022 release

A new game from Arkane Studios was revealed at Xbox’s E3 presentation on Sunday. Titled Redfall, it’s an open world, co-op survival shooter where players fight against swarms of vampires.

The trailer for Redfall shows various vampires fighting against a superpowered squad of humans. Each human has their own special abilities and weapons to take vampires out with, including a gun that shoots sunlight and another that fires stakes. According to a trailer for the game, players will be able to choose their hero “from a diverse roster, grouping up with others to create the perfect team of vampire slayers.” The game is being developed by Arkane Austin, the same studio that made Prey.

Along with vampires, the trailer also showed the superpowered group of humans fighting other humans, who have apparently been taken on as thralls by the vampires.

Today’s trailer didn’t reveal many details on Arkane Austin’s upcoming game, but we did get a few pieces of lore. The vampires in the game are referred to as “The Cult,” by one of the main characters who is studying the bloodsuckers. According to that character, the game takes place in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts.

Each character shown in today’s trailer has their own set of abilities. One woman can create spectral elevators out of thin air, while another commands a small robot. Along with specialized powers, each is proficient in their own kinds of weapons, such as shotguns, rifles, or the aforementioned specialized vampire-killing equipment.

Redfall is set to release in summer 2022 and will be exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC. Redfall will also be playable on launch day with Xbox Game Pass.

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