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Resident Evil 8 could go first-person while rest of series sticks to its roots

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Image from Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 8 has not been officially announced yet, but the game will reportedly be turning to the first-person perspective adopted by Resident Evil 7. With this view giving players less environmental awareness, it could make for another tense and terrifying survival horror game.

According to the popular fan channel Residence of Evil on YouTube, Resident Evil 8 will be a first-person game, in contrast to the third-person perspective used by the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

In Resident Evil 7, the first-person view meant players had to turn completely around in order to see behind the character, leading to chilling moments when they turned around to see if anything appeared. The change did not make the game a true first-person shooter, with a very limited amount of ammunition making it still feel like a horror game above all else. It received critical acclaim and stands as Capcom’s fourth-best-selling game ever.

Because the rumor also made mention of several environments, including a village and castle, it’s possible there will be more open-ended areas in Resident Evil 8. Resident Evil 7 took place almost entirely in one house, which led to many jump-scares around the corners of hallways and behind closed doors. Larger environments would seemingly make this more difficult for a first-person game, as players will have a clearer view of the danger that possibly lies ahead.


In contrast, the third-person Resident Evil 3 features open environments in Raccoon City, but is an action-oriented horror game. Combining first-person gameplay with these environments and classic horror gameplay will not be easy, though Capcom’s recent track record should inspire confidence.

The still-unconfirmed information that Residence of Evil mentioned in the video was backed up by popular gaming news Twitter user Nibellion, who said he had heard similar news and that it could have leaked from a 2019 play-test. The rumors also said Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan Winters will return as protagonist, with Chris Redfield also playing a role.

It will be a while before the leak proves to be accurate as Capcom finishes development on Resident Evil 3, a remake of the 1999 original game made in the RE Engine. It’s due to release on April 3, so it is possible we will hear about Resident Evil 8 a few months later during E3 2020.

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