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Returnal 2.0 update finally adds a long requested feature

Returnal‘s new 2.0 update is live right now and brings a new quality of life feature to the game in the form of Suspend Cycle. This update also brings a photo mode to the game, a feature plenty suited to the game and its unique visuals.

Returnal – Update 2.0 | PS5

Returnal released as one of the first PlayStation 5 exclusive titles in April. While the game was met with positive reception, many players voiced problems with the roguelike nature of the game and not being able to finish missions, due to how long runs can last. This update fixes that problem by allowing players to suspend their run.

Suspend Cycle allows players to pause mid-cycle and return to it later. That means it’s possible to exit the game, play something else, or turn off the console completely and still return later exactly where you left off. This feature isn’t to be confused with the typical Save option, as you’re only allotted one suspend point at a time.

There are also limitations to Suspend Cycle. Players won’t be able to suspend during cinematics, first-person sequences, intense combat scenarios, and boss battles to keep the challenge intact.

The 2.0 update also adds a highly-requested Photo Mode, which many gamers have come to expect from most AAA games at this point. At any time, besides first-person sequences, players can pause the game and enter the new Photo Mode. Like with Photo Modes in other games, players can change the focus, filters, coloring, and more.

Returnal and its free 2.0 update are available now for the PlayStation 5.

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